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Mandarin Chinese to English translation
Philip A. Rosen offers translation and interpretation services for MAdarin and English users.
Congregation of Yahweh
Learn the truths that most traditional
religions would rather you ignore.  We
are a non-religious group who want to learn about the Scriptures.
Tech Tactics - Money Saving Secrets
With today's bad economy, most people are looking for various ways to save money.   Tech Tactics - Money Saving Secrets is a book that helps do just that.  This book can help you make your computer run like new without spending a dime.  In addition, there are privacy and security tips that help prevent your electronics from being used to spy on you.&nabsp;There is also information on reducing the risk of getting a traffic ticket.  Cable and satellite TV bills have gone way out of sight.  Each year, people pay more and more for less and less and in addition, have to deal with more (and louder) advertisement that can also be quite offensive.  This book will help you cut the cable and satellite connection and replace it with cheaper and even free TV with high quality entertainment.  Many people are worried if their computer is being used to spy on them without paying attention to an even more indieous threat posed by another electronic item they own. This book explains the risk and how to mitigate it. &nsbp;Stuck with dial up Internet because the local telephone company or cable company refuses to invest in creating a high speed netwrk?  This book will explain some other options of getting high speed Internet. N3eed to find someone online? This book explains how to look up this information with both free and paid services while avoiding getting scammed.  If you used just on or two of Tech Tactics - Money Saving Secrets listed in this book, you will have made your money back and then some.
Design Templates
Here are just a few of the types of pages we can do for you.
We are working hard to rid Washiongton D.C. of its corruption. There is an upconing election, and a real swamp critter is running. Find out who he is #whoistheswampcritter to find out #whoistherealswampcritter
Emerald Coast Interiors of Florida
You want uphostery, re-uphostry, cabinets, or any interior work? This is the place.
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