There are plenty of ways to get someone's attention.  One way is with a page of assorted colors.  If you like these colors, then great.  If not, we can certainly change them.
      Make your company's image glow with this design.  This radiant design is a good attention-getter and is good for advertising hot deals. This design along with our shopping-cart script can bring in many sales.  If you do not like the font or size of the logos, we can change that as well.  We work with our clients to provide a great presentation.  A four page site like this starts at around $100.00.  Please feel free to browse our other styles and pick one that suits you. designers aim to please.   Our philosophy is to design high quality web content for our clients.  Not only do we keep our clients in mind, we also keep our clients' visitors in mind as well.  We reconize that people use many different web browsers to visit your site.  Many companys design their web sites around only one or two different browsers, but we like to be compatable with most every browser on the net.  A web site that displays well on only one type of web browser may leave a very bad impression on those who have a different type of browser.  That is why we test out sites on most browsers on the market.  We test our sites on Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Lynx, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and others.

     We can also optimize your site to take advantage of features on one particular brand of browser while displaying alternate content for people who use other browsers.  This type of custom feature can sometimes be coded into the webpage itself or by using server-side parsing.  If you need this type of work done, please call us for a quote.